Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Bored of sitting at home doing nothing but wish to open up your own online business and selling products while at the same time can earn some pocket money? I have this kind of thinking all these while before I am that person that can not sit still and doing nothing at all. Even if I am resting at home on medical leave or clearing my annual leave which sometimes can drag to 2 or 3 weeks, I will still be finding something to do just to kill the time. Of course, I set up my own online business dealing with products directly from China Manufacturing companies whereby I can get a variety of product due to their mass production at a very cheap price. But I know to check out one by one the China manufacturer, it will go to take me a decade thus, I relay on this B2B website that Sourcing from China Start here at http://www.madeinchina.com.

Made in China is a sister website of www.hc360.com, a leading B2B E-commerce service provider in China but HC360 is targeting on Chinese user while MadeInChina target on English user. Of course I prefer to use MadeInChina even though I am a Chinese myself but I could not read Chinese. Pathetic I know but I believe 30% of Chinese have the same problem with me thus MadeInChina really is a good place to source for as most of the B2B E-commerce service provider only available in Chinese which is not convenience to us. So now you can start getting products from here and well, start earning will you?

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