Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Master Degree For BackUp

While everyone seem to be happy in the office, I seem like a stranger in my own home. I do not have the feeling of own sweet home anymore. Well, I guess this is the sign that I might need to go for my Masters Degree. At least if I have a Master Degree on hand, I will no need to be worry of going out from the company.

Since I will need to maximize my time, I am thinking to study online and get my Master online from Capella University, the only online university accredited by CARCEP at the moment. Of course if I am going to spend money on education, I will be sure that I am getting the best out of all others. Anyway, I will be checking out their podcast featuring the interviews with Capella Students, faculty and the staff who share the experience from their point of view before I make my decision on signing up. Well, wish me luck as I might be need to face examination anytime soon !

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