Monday, February 18, 2008

Surprise Surprise!

I always like the idea of doing all the things myself. From fixing the cabinet to designing my own home, I like the feeling whereby all the things are under my control and also the satisfaction that its gives me after I spend on hard work and am able to see the result of my own work!

Sometimes, I will try to use software like Illustrator or Photoshop to design something out but due to the fact that I am not so good with the software, I will tend to spend more time on the computer staring at it but without and result. How I wish that I can find some software or programme that is easy as ABC.

I am actually doing a DIY project for my hubby as he is thinking to set up a new company and require some design and ideas on his company lettering. I hope that I can design one for him and surprised him with Vinyl lettering which will come together with the company logo.

Since I am not good at designing myself, I am checking out a few sites that offer these kind of services and as I am reading DIY Vinyl Lettering Testimonials at, I know that I finally find the place! I had just tested it and to my surprise, it is really that easy as ABC! It took me less than 5 minute to create the lettering that I am thinking all these while and by the way I just made an order after I created the lettering!! I am so excited waiting for it to arrive at my door step and show it to my hubby!

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My Sassy Mind said...

Congratulations for finally finishing your lettering. By the way, care for an exchange links with me? Check out my blog and see if you are interested. See you there. Just drop your comment (wink)

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