Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Stress

I remember a year ago when we start the preparation for our wedding on end of the year was really a disaster. We do not have any friend or family members that can actually help us or give us some tips and guidance to handle the wedding and thus, I have no choice to check out all the information that I might need on the internet. But as I am not a regular user of the World Wide Web, I have encounter problems whereby I do not know where to actually search for the things I want. Furthermore, in my mind, I have got nothing as I do not even know how to start searching.

Thank god that after a few round of searching and oil burning, I finally reach a web side where I can get information and tips on arranging and planning my wedding day. From there I print out all the tips on how to starts from the beginning with booking of my wedding packages, choosing the right photo shooting, getting our wedding band, all the way to setting the appointment with the venue for our dinner reception. It's actually took me more then half a year to plan it well and you know what. I actually missed out something very important! I must be too busy to notice that I did not prepare any wedding speeches for me and my husband to be (at that time) and I started to panic even though 90% of the preparation and home work has been done.

I tried to prepare the wedding speeches on my own few times but ended up crying non-stop and I still can remember that I been scolding my husband to be at the same time due to the stress I am having and this problem was a big add-on as I know that I do not have much time to prepare the speeches by myself. Anyway it's been a year since the incident, I still can recall how stress and depress I am when I need to prepare all the thing by myself due to hubby's work that require him to travel around. Seem like I have a lucky star that always stick by my side as few days before my wedding day, I received a forwarding email from some random friend with a link inside that actually make my day. The link save my life as what I been hoping for to find a site that can help me in writing my wedding speeches was finally come true! This is the link that came through the forwarded email:- With, I am finally able to write my wedding speeches with no trouble at all as it have more than 10,000 example that we can actually refer to and I even found the francesco vitetta wedding speeches at that site!

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