Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cloudy Eye of Arowana

Shit! One of my hubby arowana got eyes problem! The eyes was covered with some cloudy sticky transparent layer and after I check around in the Big Google world, then only I know that it is a normal disease that will attack the Arowana fish. It's a disease called Cloudy Eyes.

As the name suggested, a film of white covering form over the cornea of the eye due to various reasons. Majority of them are mild and do not need antibiotic. However this condition must be treated seriously as its high morbitidy and possible mortality should condition got worst.
Well, means that I will need to do something about it unless I want it to die... CHOI!!! I am not going to let it die..this Arowana already cost me a bomb and some more with the daily meal can eat up to RM 10 perday..noway man!!

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So here is the solution:-

Possible Causes Diagnosis Treatment
Physical abbrasion -Post transportation
-Evident of scratch mark or other injuries
-Water change
-0.3% salt
-Observe carefully
Poor water condition -High Ammonia/Nitrite/Nitrate/pH -Large water change
-adjust pH gradually
Sudden water condition change -Large water change
(esp. High chlorine level)
-Add 0.3% salt
-Add water conditioner
Infection -Preceed by the above causes
-worsening cloudiness
-Add tetracyclin
-Raise temp gradually to 32C
-Add 0.3% salt

Cloudy eyes usually take days to heal except infective cause, which might take weeks to month with or without permanant damage. Infective cause of cloudy eye without preceeding insult is uncommon. It occur only if the fish general condition is very bad. Although nutritional cause of cloudy eye is not proven in arowana, it is theoritically possible.

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