Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I really hate those people who are so lousy, came here just to get a back link and leave comment which does not have anything to do with my blog or whatsoever that links to my post. If you wanted to advertise, you can always contact me, it's wont cost you much for a back link and if you are nice enough like any other visitor giving some decent comment on my blog, you are welcome to do so.

BUT! not to leave a comment with long long crap about visit your blog or whatsoever which non of those long words had anything got to do with my post or blog! Anymore of those, will end up in the recycle bin for the Mr. Trash man as breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. Got me?


miche said...

i really hate those comments that says that they like my blog and they hv linked you and ask us to go check it out. and when you went to check out, they dont even have a blogroll! and the worst, one of them is a site runs by a pastor!

babyfiona said...

Yeah i got such thing happen here as well. well only one thing to do, delete their comment and never go to their site anymore LOL