Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Le Torri Vacation

I will never have my chance to have a nice relaxing Villa vacation rentals apartments in Tuscany, not to mentioned that I will not be able to reach Tuscany. Never! Or maybe not I never try but I do wish I can visit Tuscany and spend my time there as I heard lots of great testimonial on this place.

If you do follow my entry in my blog, I mentioned before that I have problem with air sickness which a normal simple air sickness pill will not be helping at all. At the moment, the most I reach is Bangkok, in Thailand and yes, all those places such as Bali, Phuket, Koh Samui, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Hong Kong, my favourite Japan and of course Tuscany, I am yet to leave my little foot print there while all my friend has been to these places more than they go back to their parent home.

I am lucky that I still have the world wide web to show me the greatness of all these places. With all the useful site like, I can imagine myself at Le Torri Villa, a 13th century Tuscan farmhouse subdivided in apartments 2 bed and 4 bed. This place open all year long and its takes a few minutes from the artistic of Tuscan City Centres and only 25 from Florence. I can imagine that me and my hubby enjoying our vacation inside the refurbished apartments with terracotta flooring, exposed oak beams with stylish rustic furniture. Wow, its give me a so natural feeling which you will never experience this if you are living in the city.

Sigh, How I wish I can just skip the flying part and teleport myself to Le Torri Villa with just a click of my fingers..

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