Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thank You My Fairy God Mother!

Sometimes I really wonder is the god is playing hide and seek with me. I really do not understand, when I am down at the lowest level, he will suddenly come out and help me. Or maybe not him that is helping me, maybe my fairy god mother who had been around me since I do not know when come and help me. Without fail every single time.

That are times whereby I left with nothing, and "ting" suddenly some help from don't know where will appear! So magic! really magic!

Last time I might not notice it but now, when seem like every time also like that, I believe that someone actually stayed around me and protected me all these while. How I hope I can just tell him or her that I am so glad he / she is around me and protecting me.

1 comment:

job said...

yeah, it always nice when there is somebody watching over you..protecting you..:)