Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What a Boring Visit

Today afternoon right after lunch, me and one of my colleague went to visit an exhibition on security. The whole exhibition only have less than 15 booths with around 10 companies and all their products and services are related on security such as networking security and computer security software such as this ESET smart security.

As we know, until today, there are no such thing as one product protects all, but with Eset smart security, it is possible. Anyway, I did not find Eset Smart Security at the exhibition, maybe they have not yet reach my country but hopefully they will be here soon enough as my boss is very keen to have our company on fully automated stage.

Although the exhibition is quite boring but still, I can have ideas on how the computer security software works.

1 comment:

job said...

maybe it is not your thing, that is why you feel bored..:)