Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disposable Mobile Phone

After the people came out with disposable chopstick, disposable panties, disposable containers, disposal contact lenses and now we have disposal mobile phone! With this disposal mobile phone, ones can save on roaming as what you need to do is only buy a disposal one at £10 while you are overseas to save on paying high roaming fees.

Check out the release below for more information!

It was never going to rival the iPhone. But this £10 mobile from Californian company Hop-On, coming to Europe soon, sure beats it for price.

Available in the US since 2002, the HOP1900 is being touted as a back-up for your glove compartment, a way to monitor your kids (using the GPS), and as an "affordable option for the credit-challenged".

Apparently it's also big with tourists: buy one abroad and you won't have to pay the extortionate roaming charges. It's also the phone of choice for drug dealers, although that's not mentioned on the website.

At least it should go some way to readdressing Britain's rip-off phone culture. We're being overcharged by about £1bn, according to John Petter, head of BT's consumer business.

He slammed 'mobile termination rates' - charges phone companies levy on each other, and fixed line companies like BT, to connect calls to their customers. Removing them would let us enjoy 'all you can eat' deals the US get.

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Buy one abroad and you won't have to pay the extortionate roaming charges

but for us in Malaysia, we need to wait for sometimes, as its only going into UK, so those who going to UK, you might want to get hold a set for testing :D

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