Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Want To Complain!

So tired! My body still aching even after a day of rest without doing anything. Not really not doing anything, I did went out to settled some stuff and then went direct to Sungai Wang. Thought that I can be happy for a day but ended up I was damn pissed with the amusement park (the biggest one) there. I actually wasted RM 6 ringgit playing the clamping machine which ended up the clamping machines there are totally can not even catch a fly! The machines there are all faulty and you know what, I am so angry that I actually take a video of the faulty machine and planning to send it to consumer complain!

Wasted my RM 6! I should have save it up so that I can go visit Disney World where one of my friend told me that she can get Discount Walt Disney World Tickets easily from Orlandofuntickets.com who is the ultimate source for discount tickets for Disney World!

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