Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cannabis Feminized Seeds

My colleague was talking about these cannabis Feminized Seeds today over lunch. Frankly speaking, I know nothing of these but as I'm a curious person, I Googled it to find more information. It seems that this is the latest developments for seeds and with it, 99% of it turns out to be female. This means, it can produce more seeds than the normal male seeds. Normal male plants do not grow any buds on them so they cannot be smoked. I didn't know that there were male and female seeds too. Anyway, by being able to produce more seeds, you will get to double your profits too. I didn't thought that seeds has Feminisierte Samen. You can buy these seeds online too. Just choose your seeds online and have it shipped over to you. Oh, by the way, the website that you can buy these seeds from is multilingual which meansyou can select either English, German or French language. For the French, you can visit this page Graines Féminisées and read more about it.

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