Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One of the countries that I wish to visit is Germany. I been dreaming to travel to Germany when I was still very young. I actually love to know and learn more about this country that went through the world war II and divided into two separate states and then after so long reunified again in year 1990. I guess, that left a lot of history monuments and stories in behind all the incident happen so many years ago.

Of course because of this, I wanted to stay at their four most famous major cities, Berlin, Frankfurt, Köln and Munich so now I am busy checking out the Berlin Hotels, Köln Hotels, Frankfurt Hotels, Munich Hotels hoping to get promotion packages so that I will not need to dump the idea of going to all the cities. I really like to try to live and blend into their lifestyle and experience the way a German lives. First thing I would like to try out myself is to drive on their high-speed vehicular traffic which have no blanket speed limit. Hey, my place here the limit set at 120kmh only alright! That is like a tortoise trying to crawl compare the German here, flying!

By the way, do you know that they called their national roads Bundesstraßen which mean the same, federals road and they actually use digits and numbers on the road for the German as te signs and street direction. Woh! I think I am going to be stagnant at a place as I will be getting myself blur with their traffic and road system! Well, need to read more about German first shall if I am able to travel there.

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