Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gold Price Is Going Up..

Aiyoyo! Do you know that the price for gold are so expensive right now? It's hit 103 bucks the other day when I went to buy my nephew a bracelet for his full moon celebration! It's was a real small bracelet but it's cost me more than 400 bucks for that small amount of gold!!

I should have buy some gold ingots or gold coins last year when the gold price are not as high as today! Hope now is still not too late to invest in gold coins and ingots as I heard that the price will hike up again! Anyway, buy gold will never loose anything as gold are known as investment items that the value will never goes down not in after 1000 years!

I am going to get myself and contact Monex Deposit Company as they provide immediate personal delivery to my house and maybe I can opt for them to arrange a safe storage at an independent bank right? Then I will no need to worry too much of because of this investment.

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