Wednesday, May 14, 2008

RollForming Company

This morning my boss asked us to go into his room for a meeting regards to our coming exhibition on metal technology and machine tools exhibition. The profiles in this exhibition include automation, welding, rollforming, sheet metal, machine tools, hand tool, mould & die and lots more.

He gave us a long but informative talk about this industry and explained to us about the mechanism of all the machines and equipment such as the machine tools, sheet metal equipments, rollform equipment, EDM machine and lots more which we were unable to follow up with him. For us, I think we will need to study more on this industry to understand and get to know all the functions and usage of the machines. One of the rollforming company that he mentioned is Samco Machinery. He told us that this company has more than 35 years of solid roll forming experience and they are one of the most best rollforming solutions specialists. Well, to tell you the truth, I actually read about them before my boss mentioned their name. I guess that they are really well-known as my boss had been in this industry for quite some times and if he can mention the name of the company out, this mean the company has a reputable name in this industry!

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