Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows

Just finished watching The Silver Chamber Of Sorrows. Finally its come to the end with the old Hang was burned to death and this marked a new beginning to the whole family members as to them, he is one of the dictator that control their whole life.

He did not even care about his wives or even his daughters, what he care was only his face and as well as a son to continue his family name but in the end, he is left with nothing. With his second wife become insane, he killed his own son, his 1st son died and his daughter was half body paralyze and in the end he died, all this happen because the way he treat others around him. Anyway, for those who wanted to know what happen and get your own eyes on this drama, check it out here.

With his killing and nonsense, I think if someone ever stole his collection of luxury watches in his gold shop, the person will ended up dead in this drama.

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janicepa said...

no wonder called chamber of SORROW.. wat an ending...