Monday, June 30, 2008

Gold Investing

Ever think of gold investing while you still have the money? Ever since the petrol price hike, all the products also experiencing the same because the seller do not wish to absorb the cost of the price difference. As the end user, we of course is the victim because our money seem to be smaller days by days and due to this, our buying power also decreased. I notice that many people start to go back home and have their lunch and dinner. Even the car wash visitor also been cut half since the fuel price hike.

Yesterday I was so shocked that the chicken mushroom rice I ordered cost me 5.30 where else the last time is only 4.00! The differences of the price really gave me a big shock and the answer I get from them about the price differences of 1.30 is due to the petrol price, the chicken price and even the rice prices.

Guess I shall start contacting Monex Deposit Company (MDC) to purchase gold and hopefully I can get some money investing the gold bar since gold price will only goes up and never goes down.

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