Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Funky Radio!

There I was, driving alone as I was on my way back from work. The traffic jam was beyond recognition. I turned on my radio and guess what? My favourite song is playing! I sang along the tune and suddenly, I can only hear myself singing. What? The radio signal is out again!

I looked around and there I was, driving through a tunnel.

Don’t you just hate it? I get really irritated with the signal disturbances!

Speaking of which, I just heard good news from a friend.

Presenting, HD Radio!

Unlike any normal radio, HD Radio is actually a digital radio. The transmission between the sender and receiver includes both the analog and digital. With that, receiver is able to receive information like traffic, stock information and even song titles!

Furthermore, receiver will never face distortions and signal problems due to objects and buildings being in the way. This high definition radio is designed in a way that transmissions are sort through reflected signals and reducing any static sounds.

Oh yeah the HD Radio has iTunes Tagging. Meaning, when you listen to a song and you really want to hear it again, you can just press the ‘tag’ button. The song’s information will be saved to your iPod and you are good to go! Of course, you would need an iPod to make it work!

The best part of all these is that broadcasts is purely free without subscription fee! One just needs to have the HD Radio receiver and one can listen freely to radio stations as well as new radio stations. Yeah!

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