Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Playing With Dreamweaver

I don't understand how someone can actually read those html script like reading a normal words. I been trying to do this website and playing around the with coding until I nearly vomit blood! I am using Dreamweaver which hubby said is quite simple and easy to use but OMG! it is so hard I can tell you especially when you are dealing with the tables! Hate the tables so much that I "tersave" wrongly and well, there went half a day of mine doing nothing because I accidentally overwrite the page I have done early one. Sigh!

Anyone know which software is easier to use compare to the Dreamweaver?? No Frontpage yah because hubby said cannot upload to the server, weird but well, at least I know now and not after I have done all the pages and when only want to upload, it's failed.

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