Friday, June 13, 2008

Uber Kek Hei Post!

Kek hei to the maximum!!! I really cannot stand anymore!!! GGggrrrrrrr.

I am working together with some stupid idiot uber "ban chat" colleague who thought that I should be listening to the conversation between him and his client and expect me to know what the fuck they discuss during their tele-conversation. WTF!

Like I can hear what his client talking on the other side of the phone lah! You think you are on loud speaker phone ar!!! Somemore, you think I am fucking free to listen to your conversation with the client it is? Like I got nothing to do myself here?? Har! Har! Har!

Not enough of my scolding and now you come and asked for uber stupid idiotic question that you asked before 2 times???!!!! WTF that your mom feed you that made you so extra stupid!!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


cc said...

Offices are full of idiots like this. Take no notice.

EliteVillain said...

ya don't take notice, i know their mom feed them milk probably too cheap the powder thats why their brain not functioning although we are different because we've educated by our sophisticated parents =)

kyutie said...

hi! wow... that's some messed up stuff.. you should just ignore your stupid "ban chat" colleague.. i hope everything will turn out fine?.. tkae care .. how are you doing anyways?

take care,

babyfiona said...

cc - sigh, thanks for cooling me down. Really beh tahan with that particular colleague anymore. Even when i don't take any notice, the fella will still come and disturb me or my other colleague with uber stupid question or asking for stupid help!

elitevillain - haha good point!! The parent really spoilt this fella kau kau! I even heard from him himself that his dad help him to pay for his car he normally will just flew back if the needle reached the zero count just to avoid pumping petrol! pengsan!

Kutyie - doing not so fine..I think I get myself a gift of high blood pressure due to the ban chat colleague. Thinking hard to change job. How are you doing? :D