Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work Work Work

Today is such a funny day. One of the blogger friend actually asked me what I work as at my office as I been asking him for help in dealing with some programming stuff. Kind of very basic programming which involves with Visual basic. LOL! I myself also cannot answer his question as I do not even have a fix designation inside my name card. How am I suppose to answer such question when I do not have the answer thus I just simply give him an answer but then again, thinking back, do I really need to so much thing inside this office?

I been searching online and asking help from friend just because I wanted to create a whole book of a manual which will give convenience to my company clients but I will not going to be paid for my effort. I gave out so much and yet nothing comes back to me so what do you think? To continue on with the idea or just use back the old hard which is also done by me?

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