Sunday, July 20, 2008

College Works Painting

I noticed that the paint of my house is peeling off but I remember that we painted it 2 years ago when we moved into this house. Well, I am not sure if the problem lies with the quality of the paints or if is the contractor whom we hired to do the painting for us but then again, it is no use to blame on anyone else since that it's been 2 years passed.

Well, since that I need to repaint my house, I am searching online for reputable contractor that have high testimonial and guess what? I found out that College Works Painting is a premiere painting contractor in the United States, specializes in exterior residential repaints. Even though that, it is run by actual college student, their work has a three year guarantee of quality.

Surprised? I bet you are! Check out more at this site or if you want to check out their work, will be the great for reference as well as the 2 sites below before you contacting them for the job.



Well, just give them a call at 888 450 WORK if you need more information!

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