Friday, July 4, 2008

Compare B4 U Buy

OMG! Why so expensive? How can they sell it so freaking expensive when I bought the same one with only RM 25.00? See they are selling RM 54.00 and some more you will need to add up another RM 6.00 for the postage..aiyoyoyo!

That's why is sometimes when I browse some of the online shopping boutique, I will try to compare the prices before getting anything from them as some of them are really throat slicer.

If the seller can sold to me at RM 25.00, I am sure she of course have some profit from the selling price, right? Who will sell something without any profit. But this one is really blood sucker, RM 54.00?? I can buy two the same one and even have the change of RM 4!

Same one..left hand side that one of course!

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