Saturday, August 23, 2008


There is a new electronics store round the corner. My hubby had been pestering me to go for a visit as he has always been an electronic freak. No matter it is useful or not to him, he will still buy it and keep it in the store room. From electronic gadgets to electronic toys or even electronic hardware, it is not a problem for him thus every weekend, he will chase me to get prepare and go to different shopping malls to search for all the electronic items.

Once in a while, he will go online searching for all the electronics stuff. is one of his favourite online place. Founded in 1984 as an engineering office in Hannover, Germany, it has more than 66 employees whereby 45 of them are engineers and this is the main factor that hubby likes to check out this place as he can learn more about electronic items from this site.

So, if you are also electronic freak or maybe not, but interested with all those electronics item and related stuff, this site is the best place for you to check it out. Oh ya, you will be impressed by the list of their clients such as BMW, Volkswagen, Siemens Medical, Bosch and many more!

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