Friday, August 8, 2008

Magazine On Denver

I like to read and when I starts to read, I will sure finish the whole book before I put it down back on the shelves. I even read on the bed during the night time and thus, I ended up wearing spectacles at a very early age. I starts wearing spectacles when I am just 9 years old after I complained to my teacher that I can not see what she wrote on the writing board and the next thing I know, I have a near spectacles.

Anyway, that was the history of too much reading but I am not going to stop reading because i love to read so much, that I even starts to read magazine on places. I came across Denver Magazine, which is a monthly feature focusing only on the city Of Denver. From this magazine, you can know more about their local business, political, cultural buzz and everyday news about Denver. For me, it is really an interesting magazine since I like reading about people's daily lifestyle.

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