Thursday, August 7, 2008

Moonlight Resonance Craze

Gosh, I wish that the day will come as fast as it can be because I am at episode 8 of Moonlight Resonance. The script writer for this drama series is damn good ! In one episode, you can cry and laugh at the same time!

Just like when Hor Ma went to Jo Ba and Hung Yi house and she begged them to accept the 20K and let Sa Yi go without need to go to the court again. The scene was really a sad one, extremely sad which will automatically wet your eyes and just right after this sad scene, you will be laughing again when Lin Chi Yung arguing with Sa Yi!

I am sure a lot of people are chasing for the next episode and you know what? ME TOO! Hopefully I can get the episode 9 of Moonlight Resonance by tonight!

Where to get? Moonlight Resonance

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