Sunday, August 17, 2008

Norman Steisel, The Successful Man

Norman Steisel is known as a man of numerous affiliations and is very successful in every venture he had. Not only he is a multi talented senior executive with a large private and public sector experience, he is also a successful investment banker, deputy mayor of New York City, consultant and CEO. He is definitely my favorite's role models as he is an iconic figure in the business world.

I do not know who else can be compared with Norman Steisel as he left the New York City government in 1986 and joined an investment-banking firm called Lazard Freres and Company. At the same time, he was the company's advisor for several municipalities and countries and responsible for the company’s environmental corporate and municipal project financing activities, and did more than $2.0 billion financing transactions. At the same time, serve as an advisor to various world's leading disposal, water treatment, hazardous waste remediation and air pollution control firms.

4 years later, he went back to the city government and became the president and founder EnEssCo Strategies, Inc in 1994 while he is holding the position of Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Philadelphia Stock exchange or the PHLX.

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