Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Worker Oh Worker

Gosh I am so lazy, It's 3.20 in the afternoon and I had just finished my lunch. Yes, I just taken my late lunch. Damn busy these few days as 2 of my colleagues left and well, as normal, I will need to back up their works until I found someone that will be able to work properly.

These days, more and more of those peoples that are spoon feed. They can't even work at all and yet asking for salary like their dad own the company. You know what, the other day, I received a resume for a Coordinating job who will actually assist the sales personnel and manager with paper works, asking a salary of RM 11K!!

*knock ! Knock!*

Halo! Anybody in??

So damn funny can?

RM 11K for an entry level worker?? Then I think I should ask for 20K per month from my boss???

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