Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Coffee Bean

I love Coffee Bean but too bad that I can not stand caffeine. I guess it is because my kidney is not strong enough to process the caffeine and thus, leaving me with nausea and headache each time after drinking the the mocha blended.

Do you know that I have once dream of owning a coffee house selling only ice blended coffee just because I love to drink coffee bean so much. I will get the supply from those site that sell wholesale coffee beans and buy in by bulk and then ship all the way from overseas as I know that here I will not be able to find quality coffee beans. Of course, I will buy bulk coffee beans as I will need to save on the shipping and if I am able to take large quantity, the seller will give me discount bulk coffee.

But too bad that I discover that I am caffeine intolerant, if not I will sure going to open up a coffee house so that I can have a cup of ice blended coffee everyday.

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