Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cute Magnet Mania

I remember that when I was small, I used to waste all my pocket money and spend it on magnet as at that time, those cute little magnet are very popular. I remember I have a classmate that came from a rich family and everyday without fail, right after school, she will walk to the stall outside the school and bought back a few cute magnet for her collection and you got to believe me, if you able to see how much is her collection, you will going to scream!

She once bring me to her room and the whole cabinet was full of magnet which of course the parent purposely custom made the cabinet for her collection. I was so envy with her and thus, I used my own pocket money to start my own collection. Silly me, how much pocket money I have at that time..let you have a guess.

Cute magnets

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