Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Part-time Clerical Job Available

Please beware of an email offering "part-time clerical job available". Not to say it is not genuine but after a small search on the name of the person who claimed himself as Dr. Lim Heng Kiap, a self-proclaim Manager with a company bearing the IC No 3567530 (old), No:400802-04-5001 (new).

You can do a little search on his name and you will see a lot of result regards to his job. Many had been scammed with this so called part-time clerical job which does not need and registration fees BUT they need you to deposit an earnest money of USD 100.00 first before you can start work which probably will not going to happen. Many already lost their RM 380.00 and the results as you can see, dated back to year 2006.


So beware and be careful as there is no such thing as frog jumping around freely as many snakes are around hiding some where in the bushes.

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