Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Rant A Day Keep My Stress Away

I feel so lazy to work right now. Die.

Maybe because I am the only one who actually came back on Saturday to finish up all the pending tasks and thinking of all other colleague right now doing whatever they want to do, really give me a turn off to work. Especially the F8cking colleague of mine which do not have a brain at all. He thought everybody owing him and thus he behave like an ass. He is those person who never respect anyone else and to me, he treat everyone like dogs. Thus, this kind of person does not qualified to be respect at all.

Anyway, I rather he is not around when I am working as I am sure that he will be wasting all of our time with his 3 years old kid's brain. I think 3 years old is even smarter than him. Well, my nephew is definitely! Far more smarter than this ass.

Bah! Back to work and I can go back early!

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