Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Searching For Song?

Oh! I found this nice website where you can find a song even if you do not know what is the name of the Song.

At Midomi.com, you can hum or sing a little bit of the song and wait for the site to automatically help you to search for the song that you are longing for. What a technology! I am so outdated since my friend told me that her hand phone also have the same function. Whenever she heard a song that she likes but do not know the title of the song, she will just use her hand phone and record the song for like 10 seconds and make a search on the song playing. And then the hand phone will connect to the internet and download the song of you! WOW!!!!

Let me test it and show it to you!

From the front page, I will click on the button as shown and starts humming the song that I wanted to find.
Sing or hum for at least 10 seconds and it will auto search for you when they have enough information to gather the result.

and TARA! The result! Yes this is song that I hummed just now. My Love Will Get you home. Oh please ignore the spelling mistake of the song. Kekeke. Go try it!

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