Friday, September 19, 2008

Voip Phone Systems

I know that I been complaining about my office phone system for so many times as my boss does not agreed to install a new VoIP phone systems because he said that it will going to cost him so much but what I think is that one time payment is better than we all have to wait and wasted our time waiting for our turn to use the phone lines because we only have 3 phones lines at the moment.

Since the VoIP phone systems by Xpander are designed to be the most flexible and user friendly business phone systems on earth, this would be the best phone system for our office usage. With their features like plug & play, we can actually use it anywhere with the broadband and web control panels. If we were in US, then it would be better still, as it is included with Nimbus VoIP which gave unlimited US calling and free dialing to any other Nimbus VoIP phone in the world!

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