Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alamak! Just Bought A New Phone..

My BIL sent me a link today when I was super uber busy with my work at the office. I could not believe myself that I actually do not have any time to open up a browser today not to mention to surf around. Only gods know how busy I was today and I only managed to left the office at around 8 pm when my hunger pang strike me urging me to eat something.

Anyway, I went down and get to the nearest restaurant, bought the same thing I been eating yesterday, chicken rice and went back up to the office. Eating, working and at the same time, surf the internet and I found out about this great website called where you can buy cheap, latest branded mobile phone online. It was hard for me as I just bought a new mobile phone and guess what, I saw the same model selling at much more cheaper price that what I paid for the same mobile phone. Only god knows how my feeling at that time was. Sigh!

So anybody intend to change their mobile phone? Check it out, I am sure that you will find your favourite phone there with much more cheaper price than outside.

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