Saturday, October 4, 2008

Branding Her products

I have a friend who is into home based business. Initially she was into home bakery but change her mind after some persuasion as well as some research because to really earn profit from bakery is really a very hard thing to do unless you invest in a very large scale of equipment. Thus, she decided to start a home-based jewelry business instead. She is a very good designer, well apart from being a good baker but what I can say is that she is not a very good marketer! Even though her business seem alright at the moment, but she is losing her clients as she does not have an identity or brand of her own creation.

After some up and down, she finally realize that what she need is a Branding Company. A professional help that can make her business bloom back again. I know that all her creation are not the problem because I personally love her designs and even some of my friends think her creation are far more better than those branded one, but due to branding issue, she lose of this point. As we all know, branding is very important in our life. Anyway, she has now accepted the fact that she really need some help and I am glad that she accepted the fact that she need to brand her product or even her company.

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