Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome Back Home

One of my ex-high school mate who went to US for her study was thinking to come back here for good. She actually planned for it for a long time, but due to some personal matter, she was stuck there in US for more than 10 years after she graduated. So she has no choice but to work there and only decided to come back after so long. Finally she made up her mind and decided to move all her things back here for good. Due to her long stay there, she has to actually engaged boston moving companies to help her to shift all her things back to Malaysia. Just imagine 10 years of stuff, it will be like shifting the whole house back to Malaysia but since Humboldt Storage and Moving are professional mover, I believe that they will have no problem with such a case. They have enough experiences since they normally do automobiles, shipping, employee relocation services, storage, office shifting and many more.

Since their services include both local and international moving services, there will be no problem with the custom as well as they will be handling from the top to the toe on every little things related to the moving. I am glad that my friend is coming back for good since she been there for quite long time. Well, it’s good to be home!

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