Tuesday, November 18, 2008

BSN Supplements

ooohh..I must get this BSN Supplements (FitFuel.com) after next year May because it was created in order to provide the most unique and effective products to enhance physoque, physical performance and well being which mean, I can be as slim as i wanted and as pretty as I wanted. LOL! Maybe I can turn myself into the next Angelina Jolie. (Yah keep on dreaming!LOL) or maybe I can just buy for my hubby so that his 1 pack can finally become 6 packs again! Well, you can not blame me that I am so good at rearing pigs right but since BSN supplement is here, I guess he will be happy to get one and try it.

But BSN is the real catch since its the ingredient consists of NITRIX, CELLMASS, ENDORUSH, SYNTHA-6, ATRO-PHEX and the one and only N.O.-XPLODE!

I guess I should start ordering now since it's the most sought after supplement and should if I late to order, I scared that my hubby's 1 pack will become double pack with extra big belly which will look more like a pregnant lady of maybe 6 months pregnant? LOL. Hopefully he did not read my post commenting about his belly. But I am sure that he will be most happy to receives BSN as gift since he is so vain :p

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