Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Gloomy Day

The weather is terrible! I almost got burn a while ago when I am under the sun just for a mere 5 minutes time. Terrible terrible! Yesterday its seem like he wanted to cry the whole day but then today, he shine his way until reach my butt! So fed up with the weather now.

But its good also, as I can have my ice water LOL! but of course with some mumbling from hubby.
At least the ice water managed to help cover up my "fire" today. Since this morning, I been in a very gloomy mood, why? I also not sure but it's really not helping when I reached office whereby I have to deal with the changes of the floorplan a few times in less than 30 minutes. What happen? Volcano blow up lor!

Hopefully today will end soon so that I can go back and meditate myself. Breath in Breath out, Breath in Breath Out..

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