Friday, November 21, 2008

I am At Site

I am at the site right now with all the fishes inside the exhibition halls. Been here for like 3 days and seem like I am bored of looking at those Arowana, Guppies, Discus and many more. How tired I am? I am not so sure but what I can remember is that I dropped at the sofa when I reached home and sleep for 30 minutes and then rushed back to the hotel for resting.

But one thing is that I like this time as I do not need to do much but still need to run around but anyway, the moving thing was handle by the mover that is experienced with gave us less problem. They can be compared with the famous Boston Movers as they are well-known in the industry. I am very pleased with how helpful they are and the services can consider the best!

Hopefully I can go back earlier a little bit as today supposedly to stay until 10 pm according to the schedule but I don't think I can stand it anymore. Too sleepy and too tired! Wished I am at the office right now as during my time at office, I will not need to run around and walk until my feet starts to cramp!

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