Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tactical Pants

A month ago, hubby bought a new pair of boots during the exhibition in Putra World Trade Centre and now he is thinking to get himself a few pair of 5.11 Tactical Pants to go with the boot. But too bad that he could not be able to find himself a pair that is nice to his eyes. Yes, he is those choosy type and those pant with Velcro on it, he will sure say no to them because he does not like that kind of type.

Anyway, since he is so into tactical pants to go along with his new boot for the coming Chinese New Year, I showed him a website whereby, it is famous for their tactical pants, boots and apparels. Of course, he jump on joy when he browse around the website as he finally saw what he wants and they are few of the pants that really caught his eyes. Not only that, i noticed that he has already book marked a few pages of the pants that he wanted and I guess he is comparing which one that he will be getting for himself. Hopefully that he will not buy the whole website or else we will be broke by Chinese New Year!LOL!

But the quality of the pants are really up to the expectation and the price is not so high and affordable comparing to those he saw at the shopping complexes whereby the price is double from the one shown in the website. Not only that, if we buy more than 50, then we will going to enjoy the free ground shipping which of course is a very good thing as we can save more. Anyway, with or without free shipping, the prices are already lower then those we saw in the shopping complexes. So, I am not so worry if hubby decided to take 3 or maybe 4 of the tactical pants.

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