Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Data Management Software

Oh gosh! I don't think I can redo all the works of one and a half year in less than 1 month time. I should have invest in this Data Management Software! So regret! If not there will be no need to re do all my works again as all the datas will be stored in the office and not inside my laptop. Not only that, the software will help in the warehouse processing by speeding up,improve the database loads which currently is a disaster in the office since the computer we are using to store the databases are too slow and is not meant for keeping and storing databases.
If I know, I should have contact Syncsort Incorporated, who develops, markets, and services high-performance software for data management and data protection. Their products are used in more than 50 countries. Well, no point of regretting right now, maybe I can suggest this software to boss so that he will know about it and will buy the software for the sake of the company.

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