Thursday, December 4, 2008

Our General Hospital..

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I just heard from one of my friend today that she was dashed into the labor room in a general hospital after she finds herself having contraction at 6 month +. When she reached the hospital in the middle of the night, there was no doctor that come to her rescue and she was left inside the labor room with 4 nurses and a trainee doctor! Just imagine, she was having contraction at 6 months + and yet the nurses and doctor was waiting for her to deliver her baby and expect to do nothing at all. She was lucky that a senior doctor came to her rescue and react fast by giving order to save the life of her baby.

And you know what, the same group of nurses and the trainee doctor was once again being shouted at after the senior doctor checked on a lady who will be delivering her baby soon as they miss-read the lady medical report. The lady delivered her first baby last year on c-section and if she were to deliver her second baby naturally, she will going to break her old scar left for the c-section which will eventually leads to a bigger problem...sigh...

That was how good the services of our general hospital...

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