Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Rant That Is Unavoidable..

I been a lazy bum for 5 days and friends are chasing me to update my blog.

"wei, update your blog lar, your last update was on 23 December"

" I know, I am lazy to update lar, if update also, all will be paid post one"

" LOL true also, you are so busy and guess you will only start to be active back when you resign"

"Yeah! hopefully"

But that was not the way it goes.. because I am updating my blogs now..

yay, had a bad situation here whereby I am not happy with what my ML said just now. she want the best for the baby but yet, she was reluctant to spend money (well i am the one paying, so why complaining?) she urged me to drink the milk everyday, twice a day and then take the obimin and even ask me to ask my mom to brew those chicken essense for my baby, but then again, why she complained about the Neuro gain that even the pharmacist was giving a thumb up to this brand so expensive? Well, its cost only RM 48 for a month and yes, even my gynae doctor gave me this for supplement.

Sigh, she said, Obimin was good enough and told me, that with all her child, she only took the Obimin. Sometimes I really wanted to answer her back, but i think better not as she will be here for 2 months before and after the birth. To have a peaceful days in the future, I better keep my mouth shut until she back. I rather close up mouth now than have to face the conciquences later on for 2 months...


miche said...

i dunno why but my doc and my sil's doc stopped prescribing us obimin since my last pregnancy. i think it will make the baby big. i stopped taking it at 7mths. this time, my no.4, i go all natural with only calcium pills and folic acid.

babyfiona said...

miche - how come? kinda of weird because I been on obimin since the 1st time when I pay my visit to the doctor until today..maybe later she will stop it..let see hehe, that's for me to find out.