Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So Mad

Wuah! Damn angry! How not to be angry when I noticed that the stupid robbers who broken into my house actually took my masks as well! They are really too much! Took my valuables, cash and now masks also they took??!! Just noticed the masks was gone yesterday night when I thought I can have a relaxing moment before I attend my friend wedding but sigh..it's gone and the mask is not those SKII or Seiseido mask that priced at 40 or 50 per piece. Its' just those simple Taiwanese mask cost a few ringgits and yet the stupid burglars also took it!

I think I got to get myself into some courses as as beauty courses and then get myself into some beauty salon jobs and with this, I can get free masks and as well as others goodies :p. Anyway for those who are into beauty industry, you should check out www.beautyjobs.com, which created exclusively for the beauty industry to connect qualified job seekers with salon and spa owners.

Ai..have to waste money to buy the masks again.

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