Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wedding Band

No sure if we will be buying for our wedding band or not since our diamond wedding band was gone with the burglar. Such a waste as we spent more than 7K just for the band and within a few minutes, the band was gone and what's really make me mad is that, we actually sent our wedding band to clean and polish before we decided to keep it and not wearing it for normal wearing. If we were still wearing it for daily usage, I guess we will still have it together with us.

Well, I already checked a few diamond shop and seem like I could not find back the exact same design that we lost. Maybe holsted jewelers will have the design that we are looking for since they are famous in providing exclusively designed jewelry, gifts and accessories and have lots of satisfied customers.

There is will be my last resort of finding back my lost band. If I wanted to get back a wedding band, I will want to have the same design..

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