Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Boring Sunday

Didn't do anything today, just went to my sister's house and the stuff that I ordered from her for the coming Chinese New Year. Then proceed to my mum house to pass her some pocket money as well as the stuff that I ordered from sis as a token for Chinese New Year.

Some of the random stuff that I normally buy for my mom and MIL for Chinese New Year.

Ready to eat almond, just open the shell and take the almond out. Taste great~

Some kind of Kuaci

My favourite pistachio!

Big size Scallop for cooking, nice if used in cooking soup and porridge! Yum Yum~!

Mandarin orange, mushroom and chinese sausage is also a norm as Chinese New Year token for me and normally it will be a yearly agenda. So did you bring anything back to home after you get married?

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