Friday, January 23, 2009

A Small Note

Just another half a day and yay, I am off from work and will be on holiday for more than a week! Going back to Penang tomorrow night and will be coming back on Thursday morning. Hopefully the journey back to Penang will not have any problem and hope there will be not much jam. I really hate the jam especially since that travelling for me, its not the same anymore. Have to stop and rest for a few times I predict, especially to go for a small relieve every 1 or 2 hours maximum! Phew! have to refrain myself from taking too much water or else, I will need hubby to stop the car every half and hour! LOL!

Wokey, Need to sleep, tomorrow still need to work and yes, will be posting the next episode of Sweetness in the Salt and Gem Of Life tomorrow!

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