Saturday, March 28, 2009

3rd Trimester

I am now reaching the end trimester of my first pregnancy. I am happy that I am finally get to see my baby in less than 2 months time and I really can't wait long enough to meet him.

Thinking back, when we are trying for a baby a year ago, I was so distressed and depressed as we been trying very hard but ended up each month either me or hubby will be disappointed with the result. Each month what I will do was, I will stock up a few pack of the do it yourself pregnancy test and each month, we are let down with only one line showed up.

After a while, we starts to stressed up and we decided to stop whatever we are doing and stop trying at all! Yes, we totally stop trying as we do not wish to go through the feeling of being let down but thanks god, not long after that, we are blessed with the good news!

Actually, I should be thanking Gurgle pregnancy as I been checking out this website whereby they have a range of features, videos and tools which I found interesting as well as useful and I do follow their advise that I found inside the site as well!

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irel said...

Ohh, I am so excited for you Congratulations and best wished to both of you:)