Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Streamyx Complain..

I know many are still complaining about the Streamyx and especially when they called them on the 100 service number. I read on other bloggers that they all are having the same problem, the line are pretty bad and when they needed to rush for their assignment, they will be disconnected and some are even worst because they could not get them self to finish up the assignment because they can not even connect to the internet.

I really wonder how they have to bear with the Streamyx services especially when the some of the blogger main income really depends on the internet connection. Although I am earning through online, but at least I have a fixed income, a full time working income. Luckily me, or else, I might need to be like one of my blogger friend, hire a Moving Company and shift to neighboring country which I will not worry about the relocation because I know that I can count on Humboldt ssorage and Moving company.

As far as I know, Humboldt's commitment is to ease people's stress which was started over 100 years ago with just a horse, a cart and the hard work of Harris Goldman. It is not an easy job and truly a stressful job just to move around as thus, Harris Goldman saw this as an opportunity and started his own moving company which is now called the Humboldt storage and moving which serve local and nationwide relocation. So no matter what is the reason to relocate, I am not scared as I have Humboldt's by my side to help me on the moving part! :D

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